18 quick and easy Indian-Israeli recipes

Spice up your kitchen with these unique and enticing recipes inspired by the best of Indian cuisine.

India – tandoori chicken (photo credit: Ben Yuster)
India – tandoori chicken
(photo credit: Ben Yuster)
Israeli and Indian relations have never been better with both countries celebrating the historic visit of PM Modi to the Holy Land this week. In honor of the visit, we are serving up some of our favorite Indian recipes.
Spice is Nice: 5 Indian masala dishes
Tika Masala . (photo credit:BOAZ LAVI)Tika Masala . (photo credit:BOAZ LAVI)
In Hindi, masala means “spice” or “a spice mixture.” In India, every spice store has its own masala, and the mixtures vary from one region to another.


Bene Israel – The Jews of Mumbai, India
Green Mango Salad (SOURCE: WikimediaCommons/Suzette - www.suzette.nuGreen Mango Salad (SOURCE: WikimediaCommons/Suzette - www.suzette.nu
Green Mango Salad is a staple in the Bene Israel kitchen; both tart and refreshing, this salad is the perfect accompaniment for meat or fish dishes.


Cochini Hamin: Discovering the Jews of Cochin, India
WIKIMEDIA COMMONS: Flickr user: kspoddarWIKIMEDIA COMMONS: Flickr user: kspoddar

Spice up your Shabbat meal with an exotic Southern Indian recipe fused with the flavors of our Cochini Cousins.
2 Perfect Summer Recipes inspired from India

Yogurt, a perfect summer food, adds flavor and freshness to salads and cooked dishes.


3 Recipes to take you on 'A Passage to India'

Make exotic delights using a common Israeli ingredient – ptitim.

Eat, Pray, Eat: A mix of Indian and French cuisine

“With people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds living together, our seasoned palates now demand something more exotic in terms of flavor.”


4 Recipes from the New Flavors of North India

As in other cuisines, Indian chefs use their imagination to come up with new dishes that taste “Indian.”