More career officers looking for work outside of the IDF

Figures represent a considerable increase of dissatisfaction with the tough conditions of service compared to recent years.

IDF troops on Lebanon border [file] (photo credit: REUTERS)
IDF troops on Lebanon border [file]
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The is an increase in the number of career army officers contemplating switching to civilian jobs.
The trend is fueled by a deterioration in conditions of service, a survey conducted by the IDF found.
Thirty nine percent of career officers and 39% of noncommissioned officers, all in the initial phase of their army careers, are weighing finding work outside of the army, according to statistics from the IDF Personnel Directorate.
The figures represent a considerable increase in dissatisfaction with the conditions of service compared to recent years.
Only one out of 10 career officers will stay in the IDF long enough to retire, according to the statistics, representing a dramatic reduction.
The army expects 7,700 career officers to leave army service this year, continuing a steady increase since 2009.
Additionally, there has been an increase in the average age of officers who stay in the army until retirement. According to the data, the average retirement age is 47.6 for NCOs and 45.9 for officers.
In the 1990s, the average age of a battalion commander was 29, but in 2014, it is 35, with 97% of them married and fathers.
This aging command level has raised questions about a possible decrease in operational effectiveness Looking ahead, a combination of factors will result in a significantly smaller military, according to the Personnel Directorate’s figures. Changes such as the four-month reduction in the mandatory service of men (32 months rather than 36 for those entering the army starting next summer), will shrink the conscript force by 9,300 soldiers by 2018. Women will continue to serve 24 months.
The army will have 4,000 fewer career officers by 2018.
On the other hand, the army is seeing an increase in female military service across the board, in both combat and non-combat units.