Netanyahu: Terrorists trying to destroy western civilization

PM says radical Islamic terror knows no borders so must be fought across borders.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's comments following terror attack in Paris
Fighting terrorism means physically battling it, as well as rejecting its false claims and not accepting any justification for it, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday in response to the terrorist attack in Paris.
Netanyahu, after sending condolences to the French government and people, said that Israel stands with France at this difficult time. “Two years ago we saw a great intensification of international terrorism, and the source of that terrorism is radical Islam,” Netanyahu said.
Netanyahu stressed that radical Islamic terror knows no borders, and therefore the struggle against it must also cross borders.
“I stood at the UN podium a few months ago and said that if the fanatical terrorism of Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic State will not stop here, it will reach everywhere in the world,” he said. And, he added, if the fight was not consistent, determined and united, “the horrible acts we saw today in Paris will not be the last.”
Netanyahu said the objective of radical Islamic terrorism is not principally or even first and foremost Israel, but rather the goal is to “destroy our societies and states, to uproot the civilization based on freedom and the culture of choice and to impose instead a radical tyranny that will set humanity back a great many years.”
For this reason, he said, “free societies and all civilized people must unite to fight this terrorism.”