New Asaf Avidan album gets grassroots distribution

Upon its release this week, the versatile rocker will make the album available only via his website.

Asaf Avidan (photo credit: OJOZ)
Asaf Avidan
(photo credit: OJOZ)
Acclaimed singer/songwriter Asaf Avidan is taking his new album Gold Shadow directly to his fans. Upon its release this week, the versatile rocker will make the album available only via his website ( or through independent music shops around the country.
According to a statement released by his management, Avidan decided on the low-key approach as a stand against the current commercial distribution apparatus in Israel, which he says offers subpar conditions to musicians, writers and small, independent suppliers.
“It’s illogical that the artists, who create the material that chains display on their shelves, are so far down on this absurd food chain,” said Avidan in the statement.
“I personally prefer to sell fewer albums and not let anyone exercise their perceived power on me.
I’ll work with small record stores around the country that offer fair conditions for the artist and the consumer...
and I’ll sell the record on my site that offers me a direct window to my audience.
I don’t yet know the implications of this process but in my life I’ve learned more than a few times that the journey is more important than the results.”
To make the pot sweeter for his fans, Avidan has taken a chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Those who pre-order the album before its official release on January 12 will be eligible to receive some prizes.
Twenty of the albums will be enclosed with a “bronze card” entitling the owner to a special four-song acoustic “bootleg” Avidan addition.
Five albums will include a “silver card” entitling the holder to a pair of tickets to see Avidan at the album’s Israel debut at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv on February 26.
And one luck “gold card” holder will receive Avidan’s entire catalogue of six studio albums, three “bootleg” EPs, two tickets to the Hangar show, and a signed, vinyl edition of Gold Shadow.
Avidan launches the Gold Shadow tour on February 1 at the 930 Club in Washington, DC, and will tour the US for three weeks, including shows at Irving Plaza in New York and the Paradise Club in Boston.
Following his Tel Aviv homecoming, he’ll take the show to Europe for a month.
Already a popular performer in France and other European countries, Avidan is poised to go international in a big way with Gold Shadow.