Coronavirus: no closure for Telzstone at the moment

A quarter of the ultra-Orthodox town in quarantine, 14 residents infected with coronavirus

Health Ministry inspectors speak with a woman who is in self quarantine as a precaution against coronavirus spread in Hadera (photo credit: REUTERS)
Health Ministry inspectors speak with a woman who is in self quarantine as a precaution against coronavirus spread in Hadera
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Roughly a quarter of the town of Telzstone is currently under quarantine while 14 residents have been infected with the coronavirus as of Tuesday. 
Telzstone, a small town just west of Jerusalem with some 6,500 residents, has had at least three serious incidents in which an infected individual had interactions with numerous other people in the town. 
As a result, approximately 1,600 residents of the ultra-Orthodox town, almost a quarter of the population, are under quarantine in their homes. 
All 14 residents who have been infected are in good condition however, including a woman who just gave birth to a baby boy but who had to be separated from hew new born child due to the disease.
Test results for coronavirus Covid-19 for another 15 residents are expected to be received today (Tuesday).
Despite this, a total lockdown of Telzstone has not been ordered and a spokesman said that at present such a measure is not being considered, although added that this could swiftly change. 
On the weekend of March 6 and 7, a visitor who works as an ambulance driver came to the town with his family and despite having a high fever and coughing badly attended two synagogues over Shabbat. 
At least 150 residents had to be put into quarantine as a result of this incident. 
Then last week, the sister of a Telzstone resident from France who it transpired was infected with Covid-19 but was asymptomatic at the time visited the town for the Purim holiday. Her brother held a large festive Purim meal which was attended by several other families. 
The family of the brother has all been infected with the virus, and since his children attended school before they were symptomatic all pupils and teaching staff of the school have also been put in quarantine. 
Miriam, not her real name, is currently on quarantine with her husband and children in Telzstone. 
She said that spirits in the town were high despite the tough situation, and that residents were all helping each other out. 
“Everyone is praying for each other, people are banding together and trying to help one another, there are volunteers delivering groceries to people in quarantine and distributing toys for children,” said Miriam. 
She added however that for those not able to work and children cooped up in their apartments the quarantine was taking a toll and that stress was increasing. 
Nevertheless, she said that the town was not in a panic mode and that the strong communal ties were helping the residents get through the crisis.