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Ultra-Orthodox mayor arrested in connection with two unsolved murders

Authorities suspect that the hasidic sect Shuvu Banim, led by convicted sex offender rabbi Eliezer Berland, was involved in the crimes.

Haredi author Chaim Walder dropped from publisher amid rape allegations

The popular ultra-Orthodox author behind the 'Kids Speak' series, accused of raping minors, will take a break from public life.

Kfar Zoharim inaugurates center for therapeutic horseback riding

The boys, aged 14-18, study and receive a full matriculation certificate and then enlist in meaningful and full service in the IDF.


Understanding haredi society: Litvak culture

The Lithuanian, or Litvak, stream of ultra-Orthodox Judaism makes up about a third of the ultra-Orthodox sector, and its major emphasis is dedication to Torah study.


Chaim Walder's books removed from Osher Ad, Eichler's over rape allegations

The popular author's weekly column in Yated Ne'eman has been suspended, and his talk show on Kol Chai radio has been taken off the air.

Author of ultra-Orthodox 'Kids Speak' series accused of raping minors

Two women have come forward to testify against ultra-Orthodox author Chaim Walder, alleging that he would engage in sex with them regularly when they were age 12 and 15.

Bennett's party promised one thing and delivered another

Yamina, the party headed by Prime Minister Bennett, promised its supporters that the party would work to strengthen Jewish identity. Alas, the coalition, headed by Mr. Bennett, has veered off course.

'Shufersal' supermarket

Watchdog raids Shufersal, Strauss

Strauss, a maker of snacks, fresh food and coffee, also said materials were taken and senior and other company officials were questioned.


Jerusalem haredi synagogue leader passes away at age 69

Rabbi David Yehuda Borstein, born in Uruguay and in charge of the Zoharei Chama Synagogue in Jerusalem, died over Shabbat.

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