An Orthodox Jewish man wears a mask while talking on a cellphone in the Orthodox Jewish community of
Orthodox man assaulted in Brooklyn

On Thursday, police released pictures taken from a surveillance video of the three suspects and asked the public for help in identifying them.

Extremist haredi men protest against jail sentences for draft dodgers.
13 arrested during protest in Mea She'arim, Jerusalem

A driver who was passing through the area was surrounded by several protesters who attempted to block his way and ran over several of them before escaping the scene.

J'lem site removes synagogue list after demand to represent all faiths

"Instead of welcoming the multitude of religions and varieties in the city, the municipality prefers to make far-fetched excuses."

Ultra orthodox jewish men and youth seen during a protest against the closure on the Romema and Kiry
Netanyahu denounces police violence against ultra-Orthodox protestors

PM, ultra-Orthodox leaders agree to join team to assess need for future lockdowns in ultra-Orthodox population centers.

Could Brooklyn’s Hasidic Jews have herd immunity?

“That’s the feeling, that they’ve had it, everybody they know has had it, and the people they know who haven’t had it have some kind of immunity that we just don’t understand yet.”

Soldiers from the Nahal Haredi unit, the ultra-Orthodox battalion in the Israel Defense Forces
Secular Jews are starting to understand the haredi Orthodox

The tension between secular and religious Israeli society has existed since before the country was founded and remains a contentious societal dividing line.

Lockdown on some Jerusalem neighborhoods begins in effort to stop coronavirus spread, April 12, 2020
Coronavirus burning through haredi, Arab areas of Jerusalem

IDF Intelligence Corps. recommends re-opening ‘coronavirus hotels’

The battle of forcing religious reform upon the government

RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS: Religion and state reforms are not on the coalition’s agenda, but the High Court may bring them front and center once again.

Gantz alludes to broader legislation for national service

“We will not wait for enlistment rates to decline further… all Israeli citizens will need to be somewhere in the puzzle of this model,” Gantz said.

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