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Understanding haredi society: The ultra-Orthodox

To close the “Who are the haredim?” series, In Jerusalem met with two men who have been for years deeply involved in the matter to understand what is awaiting us, especially in Jerusalem.


The loss of governability - opinion

Israel does have a problem of governability, but that has nothing to do with gate-keepers but rather with sections of three major population groups in Israel.

How has the Chaim Walder scandal affected the haredi world?

All agree on one critical point: in the haredi public, no one knows how to talk about sexuality – and certainly not to young children.


Alesker hassidic dynasty grand rabbi dies age 79 in Brooklyn

Rabbi Yizchok Ashkenazi had suffered deteriorating health for years and reportedly lived in "pain and suffering."

Two new ultra-Orthodox Israeli TV series begin production

Israel’s Ananey Studios is partnering with A+E Studios on the supernatural thriller 'The Malevolent Bride' and filmmaker Aleeza Chanowitz will star in her own show 'Chanshi.'

New program aims to place ultra-Orthodox youth in elite IDF units

The second cycle of the program, "Achim Lasayarot" has been underway for the past two months with 25 haredi youth from Jerusalem and central Israel taking part.

Who are the 'modern' haredim in haredi society?

The haredi world in Israel is changing, and at a high velocity. But this change is not uniform and has triggered considerable backlash.


Stop selling Chaim Walder's books - opinion

We must put pressure on all booksellers, including Amazon, to withdraw these books for sale.

Christianity, illustrative

Yiddish copies of Christian Bible distributed in Rockland County, NY

Rockland County has a very dense ultra-Orthodox Jewish population, especially in places like Monsey and Spring Valley. The Yiddish copies of the New Testament are linked to missionary organizations.


Chaim Walder scandal reflects lack of honesty in haredi leaders - opinion

How can we understand the contradiction of those who claim to have the exclusive ear of God, yet who protect the wicked at the expense of their victims?

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