Omer Adam threatens Health Minister Yuli Edelstein with libel suit

The singer's lawyers sent letters to the Health Minister's office, demanding that he apologize for accusing him of violating the isolation guidelines.

Omer Adam (photo credit: MOSHE NACHUMOVICH/ PR)
Omer Adam
(photo credit: MOSHE NACHUMOVICH/ PR)
Israeli singer Omer Adam criticized Health Minister Yuli Edelstein Sunday over the latter's comments that suggested Adam was not following isolation guidelines and restrictions on large gatherings after he was at a star-studded Tel Aviv party amid the coronavirus pandemic. 
Following reports of violations at the party in early June,  Edelstein sought to step up enforcement and punish those that violated the Health Ministry's restrictions, and mentioned names of celebrities who were at the party. After Edelstein's criticisms of the celebrities, Adam's lawyers sent letters giving the former an ultimatum to apologize by a certain date, or be sued. 
In the letter, Adam's lawyers claimed that "Our client strictly adheres to the Ministry of Health's instructions as a law-abiding citizen, [and that] any suggestion or other statement is sinful and libelous." The letter added that "Adam participated in the said event like many other good people, including members of the Knesset." 
Adam's lawyers further provided a time and template for the wording of the desired apology. 
In response, a Health Ministry official said that Edelstein is not intending to respond to the request because "there is a limit to impertinence, as well as the fact that the minister [Edelstein] said this out of concern for public health and to slow the spread of the coronavirus."
The Health Minister added that "the minister [Edelstein] is calling on anyone, celebrities, billionaires and others, to follow the guidelines. The minister did not intend to address any specific person in a public forum and does not intend to do so now. We ask of each celebrity to give their personal example, refuse to attend events that violate the guidelines and use their influence to aid in public health."