Yuli Edelstein

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Edelstein throws down the gauntlet against Netanyahu

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: By stepping into the ring against Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Knesset speaker is betting that he can change the minds of the Likud faithful.


Sa’ar ready to cooperate with Likud if Netanyahu defeated

Sa’ar spoke at the conference about his two new bills that will come up to be voted on by the current government in the near future, which could prevent Netanyahu from running again.

Edelstein announces he will challenge Netanyahu over Likud

Though Edelstein already announced his intentions, he told it to the cameras for the first time on Monday night.


Netanyahu rival set to head Christian caucus in Knesset

Former Knesset speaker and health minister Yuli Edelstein Edelstein could use his new post as head of the Christian caucus to build ties with Evangelicals ahead of a Likud leadership run.


Yuli Edelstein ready to challenge Netanyahu for Likud leadership

The former Knesset speaker is concerned that under Netanyahu's leadership, the Likud will not be able to return to power.


Top Likud MK on Netanyahu: 'He made all the possible mistakes'

"Why did he agree to give Gideon, Bennett, Gantz and everyone else the role of prime minister, just so he could not give it to anyone else in the Likud?" Edelstein asked.

Israel's coronavirus minister crowns his tenure successful

HEALTH AFFAIRS: Future Likud contender and ex-health minister Yuli Edelstein takes his share of credit for Israel’s COVID-19 victory.

Netanyahu leaves premiership without a January 6 riot - analysis

Netanyahu did not storm the Knesset or order any of his followers to do so. He did not follow in the footsteps of his friend, US President Donald Trump, on January 6.

Patrons at a restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel. March 7, 2021.

Coronavirus: Green Pass, Purple Standard restrictions to be removed

“Israel is going back to normal!” Health Ministry Yuli Edelstein said.

Rockets fired at Ashdod as health minister visits local hospital

Assuta Medical Center was inaugurated in 2017. Most of its structure was built as a bomb shelter.

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