Ori Bar Chaim appointed as NanoSono CEO

Nanosano develops advanced nanotechnology solutions for healthcare-related applications.

 Ori Bar Chaim (photo credit: Courtesy)
Ori Bar Chaim
(photo credit: Courtesy)

NanoSono's board of directors appointed Ori Bar Chaim to take over from Ronen Sarusi as the company's CEO on Monday. Sarusi, who founded the company, will stay on as a senior advisor.

Bar Chaim has served in managerial positions both in the government and in the private business sector in Israel and abroad. For the last few years, he has worked as a senior consultant in the technology market for companies such as Israel Aerospace Industries, Beer Yitzhak Energy, Watergen, Vertical Field and Thai TIPCO Corporation. He also founded a medical cannabis company in Asia and the consulting firm CyberPro.

NanoSono develops advanced nanotechnology solutions for healthcare-related applications. The company has developed advanced technologies for antibacterial and antiviral applications.

"We are very pleased to have Ori join the NanoSono family," said chairman of the company's board of directors Aaron Gorovitz. Ori brings with him extensive and wide-ranging experience and we are confident that he will contribute significantly to the strategic change from a company that has so far focused on R&D to a company that will transfer knowledge and technology to strategic partners and executes projects in Israel and abroad."

nanotechnology 248 88 (credit: Courtesy)nanotechnology 248 88 (credit: Courtesy)

He added that "NanoSono has developed revolutionary technology that could be key to one of the greatest health threats of today - infections due to bacteria. Behind the technology is a professional, scientific, creative and skilled team, and we have no doubt that led by Bar Chaim, Nanosano will expand its activities in the international markets in the very near future."