Two men suspected of murdering spouse

A separate woman was found beaten to death shortly after, husband attempted suicide.

Israel police arrive at the scene of a suspected spousal murder and attempted suicide in Beersheva. 19.10.2020 (photo credit: COURTESY ISRAEL POLICE)
Israel police arrive at the scene of a suspected spousal murder and attempted suicide in Beersheva. 19.10.2020
Two men from different parts of the country were arrested on Monday on suspicion of murdering their spouses in unrelated cases.
The first, a 28-year-old man, was arrested in the morning on suspicion of murdering his spouse in the Kiryat Haim neighborhood of Haifa.
Shortly before, the body of Najah Mansoor, 35, was found in an apartment with stab wounds to her upper body. Magen David Adom medics who were called to the scene pronounced her dead.
The suspect was arrested after he aroused the attention of police officers while walking down the street without a mask. In a conversation with him, they become suspicious when they recognized the identities of both the man and his spouse through the welfare authorities.
“When we arrived at the scene, we joined the police and firefighters, and together we entered the apartment,” MDA paramedic Anan Abu Yaman said. “The woman was unconscious. We performed medical tests, saw she was without signs of life, and we had to determine her death at the scene.”
A few hours later in Beersheba, police were summoned to assist a man who was standing on the roof of an apartment building, threatening to commit suicide.
Police contacted a family member who had a key to the apartment and let the officers in, where they found his spouse unconscious. An MDA crew pronounced her dead at the scene, from an apparent head trauma, according to initial reports.
“They are a very nice couple,” one of their neighbors told KAN News. “I have not seen anger or heard screams.”
Another neighbor said: “Recently, they hadn’t been getting along. There was friction because he wasn’t working, and she wanted him to go to work. They fought... He worked as a guard and was unemployed. He told me he wanted to move because they were not getting along. They have been together for 18 years.”
“People are together 24/7, and that’s what happens,” the neighbor added. “Last night, I saw him in a stairwell, and he did not feel well. He behaved strangely, barely spoke and moved like a ghost. His reactions were very slow. He has had heart problems recently.”
In response to the incident in Haifa, Na’amat chairman Hagit Peer said: “The wave of terrorism against women continues, the writing is on the wall, and the government just does not care. The best evidence of this is the plan to combat domestic violence that was already approved in 2017 by the government and to this day has not been implemented.”
MK Orly Fruman (Yesh Atid-Telem) tweeted: “2 women were added to the statistics today. Women who have paid with their lives for the incompetence of the government in dealing with domestic violence.”
“The implementation of the plan against domestic violence that was approved at the beginning of the year should have happened a long time ago,” she wrote. “Eradication of the phenomenon of violence and murder of women cannot be put off any longer.”
According to data from the Avraham Initiative, 67 people have been murdered in the Arab community since the beginning of the year, including 13 women, not including Monday’s two suspected homicides.