Erdan calls on US to halt funding for PA as long as it supports terrorism

Erdan urged the US to explore all options to halt the aid through legislation, diplomacy and/or regulative measures.

Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan attends a news conference in Tel Aviv (CREDIT: REUTERS) (photo credit: REUTERS)
Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan attends a news conference in Tel Aviv (CREDIT: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
WASHINGTON – In a forceful speech to the American Jewish Committee on Monday night, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan called on the US to halt its funding for the Palestinian Authority until it stops supporting terrorism.
“This funding for terror must stop, and the United States should stop funding the PA until the PA stops teaching children to kill,” he said.
“But not one cent of American tax-payer money should support Palestinian terror.”
According to a paper published last year by the Congressional Research Service, the US has given the PA $5 billion in bilateral economic and non-lethal security assistance.
It is the PA’s tacit support of terrorism that is an impediment to the peace process; only when you put an end to this support, can fruitful negotiations with the Palestinians occur, he argued.
He also urged the international community to form an alliance against terrorism. Deeming global terrorism an ”era-defining challenge,” he called it an opportunity for world unity that Israel, with its expertise, was uniquely positioned to lead.
“Now is the time for Israel, for moderate Arab states, the US, Europe and all like-minded countries to come together to build an international alliance to fight terror,” he said. “We are willing to take a leading role in the formation of the new alliance. We want to leverage our experience and expertise in Israel to help save lives across the world.”
Asserting that countries once far removed from Israel’s problems are now fighting the same terrorism in their own backyards, he said, “When people hear of attacks in Israel, they now recognize the means, the incitement and the culture of hate. They are experiencing these same things at home. People across the world have come to realize that this is not just Israel’s problem. They now realize that in the struggle of our generation, we are on the same side.
“I have lost count of the number of critics of Israel who have approached me recently to say, ‘Now, we understand,’” he added.
Reiterating the refrain espoused by many Israeli politicians of late, he said, “terror is terror is terror.”