Netanyahu: While world powers forge Iran deal, Tehran shouts 'Death to America and Israel'

Prime minister plays cabinet video of then US President Clinton praising nuclear deal with North Korea, 12 years before Pyongyang detonated first nuclear device.

Netanyahu speaks about Iran deal
While the world powers may be willing to come to terms with capitulation to an Iranian regime that continuously calls for the destruction of the Jewish State, Israel is not willing to do so, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the start of Sunday's cabinet meeting.
Netanyahu, alone among world leaders publicly railing against the apparently impending nuclear deal with Iran, said that Iran is not hiding its aggressive intentions against Israel and the US even as the negotiations in Vienna are continuing.
He said that the Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was quoted over the weekend as saying that Iran “needs to plan to fight the US regardless of whether there is an agreement.”
And Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, Netanyahu pointed out, stood Friday at the head of the anti-Israel Quds Day “march of hatred” in the streets of Tehran, during which “US and Israeli flags were burned, and in which many chanted 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel.'”
All of this is happening, he said, as the “march of concessions to Iran continues in Vienna, concessions even on issues that had been marked as red lines in the Lausanne package, which is a bad deal in its own right.”
The agreement being hammered out, the prime minister warned again,  “will pave Iran's way to many nuclear bombs and gives it hundreds of billions of dollars for its terrorism and conquest machine, thereby engaging the peace of the entire world.”
To stress the wrongheaded nature of the agreement, Netanyahu played a 57-second video of former US president Bill Clinton announcing the signing of a nuclear agreement with North Korea on October 31, 1994.
"Before I take your questions, I'd like to say just a word about the framework with North Korea that [then chief US negotiator] Ambassador [Robert] Gallucci signed this morning. This is a good deal for the United States," the video shows Clinton saying at a press conference.
"North Korea will freeze and then dismantle its nuclear program. South Korea and our other allies will be better protected. The entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons.”
Clinton said that the “United States and international inspectors will carefully monitor North Korea to make sure it keeps its commitments. Only as it does so will North Korea fully join the community of nations."
Twelve years later, in 2006, North Korea detonated its first underground nuclear explosion.