Netanyahu: Israel stands with Russia after deadly metro attack

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his close ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin, that Israel is standing by Russia's side following Monday's lethal and shocking metro blast.

Israel show solidarity with victims of Russia blast (credit: REUTERS)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent his condolences to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday evening, expressing Israel's solidarity following the deadly metro blast that took place earlier in the day in the city of St. Petersburg.
The premier said that,"on behalf of the Israeli government, I send my condolences to President Putin and the families of the murdered, following the explosion in St. Petersburg's metro railway today."
Netanyahu also said that, "Israeli citizens are standing with the Russian people on this hard day."
Later on Monday night, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality lit up its building with the colors of both the Russian and the Israeli flags in a
show of solidarity with the victims of the blast in St. Petersburg.
The possible suicide bombing in Russia's second-largest city, which occurred on Monday afternoon, claimed the lives of at least 10 and injured dozens more. Russia's emergency services as well as government officials have labelled the blast as a terror attack, and search warrants have been released for two suspects, whom security forces believe are linked to the attack.
Following the attack, all metro stations in the city were evacuated and sealed for safety reasons. President Putin has spoken to the nation on live national television and promised that security agencies will conduct a thorough investigation into the attack.
Reuters contributed to this report.