Rain and snow cover Israel as cold front sweeps through

Temperatures in Israel are unseasonably low.

Snow in the Hermon (photo credit: MIKI INBAR/HERMON)
Snow in the Hermon
(photo credit: MIKI INBAR/HERMON)
A cold snap continued in Israel on Tuesday and is expected to hold until Friday, with rain and snow to continue until Thursday.
Rain fell throughout the country on Tuesday from the country's North to the Negev. 
Temperatures in Tel Aviv were forecast to range from 10-14 degrees Celsius, in Jerusalem 4-9 degrees Celsius and in Haifa 7-12 degrees Celsius, which is unseasonably cold for the season.
Snow on the Hermon (Mt. Hermon Ski Resort)
Isolated thunderstorms and occasional showers were expected throughout the North to the Center of the country with the Israel Meteorological Service warning of risks for flash flooding.
Snow fell overnight, with three centimeters accumulating on Mount Hermon. The tourist attraction was closed to the public due to heavy snowfall.
Tuesday's weather continues a brief winter period that developed Saturday evening and is expected to continue until Friday. Rain is expected to ease up late Thursday and snow is expected to fall on high mountain areas in northern Israel.