Seychelles, Iceland, Cuba and Serbia added to Israel’s list of green states

The Health Ministry said that in light of the growing and changing numbers of infected people worldwide, changes to the list established last month had been made.

NEARLY EMPTY: Ben-Gurion Airport waiting area (photo credit: SHARON FEIEREISEN)
NEARLY EMPTY: Ben-Gurion Airport waiting area
(photo credit: SHARON FEIEREISEN)
Four destinations were on Wednesday removed from Israel’s list of “green countries” from which Israelis can return without having to enter isolation, and four others were added, the Health Ministry said.
The changes to the list, which was first published last month, have been made because of the growing and changing numbers of infected people worldwide, the ministry said.
Countries that had until now been considered “green” – Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia – have been labeled as “red,” while Cuba, Iceland, Serbia and the Seychelles have been added to the green list.
Travelers returning from red countries must enter 14 days’ isolation.
The list of green countries includes Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Georgia, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong, Greece, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Finland, Canada, Cyprus, Rwanda, Australia, Uruguay, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Taiwan, Norway, Singapore, Portugal and Thailand.
The Health Ministry said it will continue to update the list of green and red countries every two weeks and that people traveling and planning to return to Israel should regularly check its website. If the status of a green country is changed to red, travelers will have four days’ notice during which they can still return to Israel without the need to enter isolation.
The update to the list came days after the government announced that Ben-Gurion Airport will continue to operate through the closure.
Travelers who have already purchased flight tickets to travel abroad will be able to do so, and seats can still be purchased on existing flights, although no new flights will be added to the schedule.
Travelers who are stopped while traveling to the airport will need to show inspectors a valid flight ticket in order to continue their journey.
Ben-Gurion Airport will adhere to Purple Ribbon standards and passengers must wear masks and observe social distancing.
All travelers entering or leaving Israel will also be required to fill out an online health declaration before entering the terminal building.
Travelers should check the regulations of the country to which they are traveling, as some destinations require a negative coronavirus test result to be shown upon arrival.