Summary of the Tour de France from the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris

Israel Premier Tech owner Sylvan Adams stated, "I am proud of the best team we have ever sent. I promise that in the next tour, we will be even stronger"!

 Tour de France from the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris 2023 (photo credit: NOA ARNON)
Tour de France from the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris 2023
(photo credit: NOA ARNON)

Bursting with pride over the team's most impressive performance in the Tour de France, including a significant victory and a top position among the most aggressive teams in the entire race - the eight riders of "Israel Premier Tech" crossed the finish line at Champs-Élysées in Paris.

The team's joy was evident after the grueling 3489-kilometer race. Sylvan Adams exclaimed, "This was our best performance ever in the Tour, especially in the greatest race in the world. We won a massive stage and were the most aggressive team here."

Mike Woods Stage 9 win (Credit: SPRINT CYCLING)
Mike Woods Stage 9 win (Credit: SPRINT CYCLING)

The statistics back up this statement, as the team showed tremendous attacking spirit throughout the race, covering no less than 2489 kilometers in attacks and breakaways before the peloton. They proved to be the most aggressive team in this year's Tour de France.  Behind the team's aggressive display were the key cyclists who were actively involved almost on a daily basis in the race, including impressive performances by the 28-year-old Krists Neilands, who made a significant leap and gathered 687 kilometers in eight daily breakaways, placing third on the leaderboard. Unfortunately, Neilands missed out on two great opportunities to win, one of which was due to a collision with a motorcycle.  

Nielands stated: "It would have been sweeter to achieve that victory, but without a doubt, I came here and discovered abilities I didn't know I had. I plan to return stronger next time and seize the victory that eluded me this time."  The Canadian rider, Mike Woods, fulfilled his lifelong dream with a tremendous and historic victory in the ninth stage, reaching the summit of Mount Puy de Dôme. He expressed his satisfaction, stating, "This victory was the defining moment in my career, but I'm already looking ahead and aiming to win in the Giro d'Italia and complete a series of victories in all the Grand Tours. It was truly an excellent Tour for us."  

Founder of the team, Roni Baron: "For me, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing what Nielands did here. He was truly a young talent when we added him to the 'Cycling Academy,' and we watched him soar to new heights in this tour. This is exactly what I expect from our young Israelis too who will now join the senior team. See this, work hard, and believe!"

Overall, the team's feeling in Paris was that they are on the right path. It is the second consecutive Grand Tour where they established themselves as one of the most aggressive teams after the Giro d'Italia crowned Derek Gee as the most combative rider. "You can't miss us," said Adams confidently, "and I promise we will be even stronger in the next Tour de France.”