WATCH: Gaza soccer commentator salutes goals as the stabbings of Israeli Jews

Soccer commentator relates a scored goal to the stabbings of Israeli Jews.

Gaza Soccer Commentator needs Time-out after Saluting Goals as the Stabbings Of Israeli Jews
Sports have always been a controversial topic, and a little trash talk is usually necessary to keep the game riveting and the competition intense. But did this Gazan commentator take it too far?

At a soccer game on October 10, between Ittihad Shuja’iyya and Khadmet Rafah in the Gaza league, commentator Hisham Mu’ammar mentions things other than soccer and the spirit of the day.

In a video from Amwaj Sport TV, uploaded and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), commentator Mu’ammar compares a perfect goal to stabbing attacks. He cheers, “All of Shuja’iyya is with you, oh the West Bank! A knife stabbing the bodies of the cowards!  An axe tearing the veins of the idiots! A car running over someone who plundered in the land of the prophets! A bullet piercing the hearts of the evil ones! A stone humiliating the weak Zionists!”

All that for one goal?