Terror 'fire falcon' found dead in national park near Gaza Strip

The common kestrel was found hanging in a tree with flammable material connected to its harness.

Falcon carrying flammable material found dead in park near Gaza Strip, July 17, 2018 (Gilad Gabay/Israel Nature and Parks Authority)
An employee from the National Parks Authority (NPA) spotted a dead falcon in Habesor National Park with flammable material attached to the animal's legs on Monday, according to the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.
The common kestrel was found hanging in a tree with a harness that was attached to a steel wire connecting it to the flammable material.
“Arson fires have been caused by incendiary materials flown from Gaza into Israel. Apparently it’s not enough to destroy nature with kites, now falcons are being used for terror as well," the IDF's Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) posted on Twitter.

The NPA employee discovered the bird after extinguishing a fire at the Habesor National Park near the Gaza Strip.
According to the NPA, this exceptional event marks the first time that an animal has been used to ignite fires.
At the moment, around 10,000 dunams (2,471 acres) of land on nature reserves and national parks near the Gaza Strip have been burnt due to incendiary kites, balloons and condoms.