Terrorist weapons seized in the West Bank

In the wake of the murder of Reiven Shmerling, Israeli security cracks down illegal weapons.

Weapons captured in Nablus   (photo credit: POLICE SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)
Weapons captured in Nablus
Two improvised “Carl Gustav ” automatic weapons were captured in a joint operation by the IDF and border police in Nablus on Saturday after Israeli intelligence received information of activities in the A-Ram area near Ramallah.
This operation came days after the murder of Elkana resident Reiven Shmerling, who was slain in a coal warehouse he owned on his 70’th birthday last Wednesday. The investigation is ongoing and it is still unknown what was the motivation behind the murder, it is not ruled out at this point that this was an act of terrorism.
The warehouse was located in the Arab-Israeli village of Kafr Kassem. Speaking with the Israeli television channel Kan [Here] Idit Betzer, Shmerling’s daughter, told of how the birthday turned into a tragedy. “He told [my] mother he was leaving for an hour to go to the warehouse and after an hour and a half during which he was not answering his phone she began to worry,” said Betzer who also described her late father as a “people’s person.”
The body was discovered by her brother.