Israeli model whose family attacked hospital guards to remain under arrest

Kadosh allegedly ordered her husband and family to beat up hospital guards and subsequently assaulted a cab driver, later paying him off to keep quiet.

Elya Kadosh  (photo credit: TWITTER)
Elya Kadosh
(photo credit: TWITTER)
Israeli model Elia Kadosh, whose family assaulted a group of security guards at the hospital where she was being treated earlier this month, will remain hospitalized and under arrest, following a ruling by Judge Yifat Unger-Bitton at the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court. 
Two weeks ago, Kadosh's husband David Amouyal and four other family members were arrested for assaulting security guards at Tel Aviv's Sourasky Medical Center. Prior to the incident, Kadosh had attempted to steal a nurse's cellphone, and threatened hospital employees, saying that if her husband were there, he would ''break you open.''
The assault was filmed by security cameras and aired on Israeli television.
Kadosh (19) allegedly asked her partner and his friends to assault the guards, who she felt were mistreating her. The assailants fled the scene afterwards.
Kadosh and the assailants were subsequently arrested.
Today it was revealed that a week ago, Kadosh separately assaulted a cab driver - who is still yet to be located - and paid him 500 NIS (140 USD) to keep quiet about the incident.
As she was using the cab to visit a friend in the city of Reut (situated in central Israel), the ride was a violation of the release terms of her arrest.
Her lawyer, Nes Ben Nathan, said his client is in poor health and defined her as ‘borderline psychotic.’
The model denied allegations that her behavior was in any way abnormal and claimed in a television interview on Channel 10 that ''any [romantic] couple in Israel…no matter where you come from, if you are a criminal…or an Ashkenazi [Jew] or a Moroccan [Jew]…if someone will attack your wife or partner…you will be distraught.''
Some Israeli media outlets criticized the Israeli public's profound interest in models and in stories of violence, with Haaretz writer Ravit Hect publishing an article on Friday that dubbed Kadosh a "cultural hero." Hecht wrote that Kadosh's portrayal of herself as a victim, while using and encouraging the use of violence against others, is the new normal in Israel.
The model’s father, Ilan Kadosh, was angry at the court and explained that his daughter is “a sick child on steroids.”
“Where is the compassion of the people of Israel?” he asked.