Two Israelis, Three opinions: Who should be Jerusalem's next mayor?

'The Jerusalem Post' went to the streets and asked Jerusalem residents who they want as the next mayor of Jerusalem.

Man on the street: Jerusalem elections, October 24, 2018 (Dennis Zinn)
The election for the next mayor of Jerusalem is around the corner. Municipal elections in Jerusalem and throughout Israel will take place next week on Tuesday, October 30, and will be a legal vacation day for Israeli residents.
A runoff will be held on November 13 if no candidate for mayor receives at least 40% of the vote, which is very likely in Jerusalem.
The Jerusalem Post went to the streets and asked Jerusalem residents who they want as the next mayor of Jerusalem.
[Ze'ev] Elkin is the next man in Jerusalem.
[Why?] He is the only candidate who is currently a minister for Jerusalem in the Knesset. He is the only one that can bring Jerusalem the development that is needed.
[Ofer] Berkovitch. He is a young man that seems full of energy and wants to do the job.
I think it could be Moshe Leon.
I'm going to vote for somebody who thinks they can help things that are important to me like transport and education.
[What's important for you in these elections? What would you like the new mayor to take care of especially?]
I'll begin with what I don't want him to be. I don't want him to be too linked to a party. I want a real mayor for the area.
[What does he need to do?]
He has to act for the good of the citizens, for the good of businesses - all the businesses are closing - for the good of the youth who are continuously leaving the city. These are the things he will have to take into account. And not how to form the coalition with the Russians or the Morrocans, or with friends that bring friends as is done in the municipality.
[Ofer] Berkovitch. He seems more reliable than the others. Maybe I'll be disappointed.
[What do you want from the next Jerusalem mayor?]
That he'll start sweeping our streets. He should clean them.
That the city will be cleaner, that they will collect the garbage.
To keep the city clean.
Sanitation, and the east Jerusalem situation. The population there is not getting what it deserves.
There is no law enforcement here. The streets are dirty.
[Barkat didn't do what he should have?] [Nir] Barkat? Absolutely not.
The most important thing for the new mayor to do is to unite Jerusalem because Jerusalem is one of the most divided capitals in the world. A mayor that won't be able to unite Jerusalem, either with the Arabs or with the religious community - the first thing that the mayor has to do is unite the citizens of the city.