13 youths nabbed for alleged rape

Group of boys suspected of using girlfriend of one youth as a sex slave.

rape 58 generic (photo credit: 2)
rape 58 generic
(photo credit: 2)
Police revealed Monday that 13 youths were arrested and their remand extended several times for allegedly using a girl as a sex slave over at least three years.
According to the allegations, the girl met a boy her age when she was 15 and fell in love with him. He is suspected of exploiting her affections for him by making her have sexual relations with him and his friends.
Only one of the suspects is not a minor. The group is suspected of rape, abuse, blackmail, and committing acts of sodomy.
They allegedly also beat the girl and documented their actions on video.
Police said the case is one of the most severe rape cases exposed in Tel Aviv in the past years and that they may arrest additional suspects.
The case was revealed after the boys spread the rumor and the parents of one of the suspects decided to notify the police.
The suspects claim that all sexual acts were done with the girl’s full consent.
The main suspect, with whom the girl was in love, is also suspected of attempting to rape two of the girl’s friends.