2 Haifa pedestrians hit by car, killed

23-year-old woman suspected of driving without license.

Two pedestrians were killed while crossing the road on Thursday, in a Haifa suburb.
Police detained a 23-year-old female driver who suspected of killing 61-year-old Ela Nistov and the other pedestrian.
The suspect was lightly injured in the accident, and was being treated at Haifa's Rambam Hospital.
After further investigation, police discovered that the suspect's license had been suspended in February 2010 for two months. She did not reinstate her license and is being considered as having driven without a valid license.
According to police, the vehicle traveling northwards hit the two pedestrians as they crossed the street at the cross walk. Police are currently investigating whether the suspect ran a red light.
One of the women was killed at the scene, while the other was critically injured.
A MDA team arrived at the scene, but was unable to save the critically injured woman. She succumbed to her wounds a short while later and was pronounced dead at the scene.