4 dead in weekend car accidents

In Petah Tikva, man is run over by friend while trying to recover stolen car.

Four people were killed in road accidents across Israel since Friday night. On Saturday morning, a man was killed on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway 1, near Latrun junction. Overnight, a 28-year-old man, identified as Avraham Dagan, was run over in Petah Tikva while attempting to recover his stolen car. He was on his way with a friend to report the theft of his car earlier Friday evening. On their way to the police station, Dagan spotted his vehicle. The thief was sitting inside. He jumped out of his friend's car and ran towards his own. The thief noticed him and sped away, knocking the owner into the street. Dagan's friend then ran him over, Israel Radio reported. The victim was evacuated to the hospital in critical condition and was later pronounced dead. In Even Yehuda, a jeep struck and killed a bicyclist. Two people were lightly injured in the collision. One person was killed when two cars collided near the Ofer army base north of Jerusalem. Three other people were injured in the accident, one of whom was listed in serious condition. It appeared that one of the cars had run a red light.