4 Israelis rescued in Mumbai

"There are no more Israeli hostages at the Oberoi hotel," says Foreign Ministry official Haim Hoshen.

Freed hostages Mumbai 248.88 (photo credit: AP)
Freed hostages Mumbai 248.88
(photo credit: AP)
Four Israelis were among a group of hostages rescued by Indian special forces from the Oberoi Trident Hotel on Friday. Two of the freed Israelis, businessmen Yossi Veingratten and Ephraim Zamir, touched down at Ben Gurion Airport on Saturday night. The two described their dramatic rescue by Indian security forces, before Zamir broke down in tears as he recounted the ordeal. The other two freed Israelis have not yet been named. "There are no more Israeli hostages at the Oberoi hotel," said Foreign Ministry official Haim Hoshen, speaking by phone from the Israeli Consulate in Mumbai. "Two of the freed hostages arrived at the consulate and were put on a flight to Israel half an hour ago. The other two have been transferred to another hotel," he said early Friday afternoon. The IDF attache to India, who arrived in Mumbai from New Delhi, was liaising between the Indian military and the Israeli Consulate, keeping Israeli diplomatic staff updated on the latest developments, Hoshen said. "We have gone to hospitals to check for Israelis, and thank God, we haven't found anything at this stage," he added. The staff of the Israeli consulate in Mumbai has been working "24 hours a day" since the crisis began, Hoshen said. "We managed to catch a couple of hours of sleep last night," he added.