5 arrested as more than 30 families evicted from Tel Aviv's Kfar Shalem

Five people were arrested on public order offenses Tuesday as some 100 police officers evacuated more than 30 families from their homes in Tel Aviv's Kfar Shalem neighborhood after they failed to obey eviction orders issued against them. Despite threats by several families that they would forcefully oppose the eviction, it was carried out peacefully and bulldozers began knocking down some 14 illegally-built apartment buildings. In October, the Tel Aviv District Court approved the eviction after a bitter legal battle. The eviction notices were issued at the request of land owner Roma Efrati, who bought the land in the 90s. The occupants claimed that since they had been there since 1994 and had paid rent to the Amidar company, they had the right to continue living in the apartments.