7 lightly wounded as 36 rockets hit Israel on Friday

ashkelon flat hit 248.88 (photo credit: AP)
ashkelon flat hit 248.88
(photo credit: AP)
In the intensive Friday afternoon attacks on Israel, seven civilians were wounded and three residential buildings were damaged. In the last major barrage, seven rockets exploded in the Ashkelon area, with one scoring a direct hit on a house. Five civilians were lightly wounded in the attack and five were treated for shock, Israel Radio reported. A car was also damaged by one of the rockets. Simultaneously, rockets were fired at the Eshkol and Sderot regions. Also Friday, a man and woman sustained light shrapnel wounds in Ashkelon as two Grad rockets hit residential areas of the city, each striking an apartment building and causing substantial damage. Two more rockets landed in open areas of the city. Additionally, a Kassam rocket hit an electric cable in Sderot, leading to power cuts in the town, and another hit a Sdot Negev greenhouse. No casualties or damage were reported in the latter attacks, but several people were treated for shock. A total of 36 rockets hit Israel on Friday. Since the start of Operation Cast Lead on Saturday, three Israeli civilians and one soldier have been killed in rocket attacks, which have reached deeper into Israel than ever before, bringing one-eighth of the population of 7 million within rocket range. AP contributed to this report.