86% say rich gaining control of gov't

Poll shows public distrust of leaders after string of corruption scandals.

Olmert interrogat 298.88 (photo credit: Channel 2)
Olmert interrogat 298.88
(photo credit: Channel 2)
According to a new poll, 86 percent of the Israeli public believes that the super-wealthy are gaining control of government. The poll was conducted by Marketwatch and published on Tuesday. The Berl Katzenelson Foundation's "Center for Theoretical Education" ordered the survey in order to gauge the effect a recent string of bribery and corruption scandals involving the nation's leaders has had on the public conscious. Of the 492 individuals polled, 35% said they believed that the owners of capital already wielded control over government decisions, while 65% said that the wealthy possessed varying, lesser degrees of control. Of those polled 60% said there was a lack of political stability as a result of the corruption allegations against public officials, and 34% said problematic methods in the structure and functioning of the government was the cause of the political instability. Also, 43% said they believed governmental watchdogs, such as the state comptroller's office, were positive contributors to governmental stability, while 31% disagreed and said the enforcers were not contributing to stability, and 16% said they were actually adversely affecting the rule of law in Israel.