9 Beduins allegedly tried to hurt Israeli citizens during Cast Lead

Nine Beduin men from northern Israel were arrested last month on suspicion of attempting to attack and hurt Israeli citizens during Operation Cast Lead, security officials announced Sunday. According to the charges, several days into the IDF's Gaza operation, the nine, residents of Shfaram and most of them in their early twenties, knocked down a lamp post on nearby Route 79 in an attempt to cause a traffic accident. They also planned to attack any drivers who were stopped by the improvised roadblock. The group hid near the road, and when a truck collided with the lamp post and stopped, they emerged from their places of hiding and began pelting it with rocks. A woman was lightly wounded in the incident, but the assailants quickly fled when police arrived at the scene. The nine have all confessed to the charges, and some of them have stated that they acted to avenge Palestinian suffering in Gaza.