A timeline of the Perinan case

•September 1999: Two hit men dressed in police uniforms murder underworld figure Pinhas Buhbot at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer. •October 2000: Former elite policeman Tzahi Ben-Or is arrested for armed robbery. Head of the Southern District's Central Investigative Unit Asst.-Cmdr. Amir Gur suspects that Ben-Or, who at the time of the murder was still on the police force, was the policeman who shot and killed Buhbot. •2000-2002: Under arrest for the robbery charges, Ben-Or conducts negotiations with police and prosecution about turning state's witness against the Perinan brothers, underworld figures in the south who he claimed hired him to murder Buhbot. •Summer 2002: Ben-Or is released to house arrest and flees the country. •December 2004: Ben-Or is found murdered in Cancun, Mexico. The police investigation is transferred from the Southern District to the Serious and International Crimes Unit. •August 2005: Oded and Sharon Perinan are arrested following a month-long manhunt. •October 2005: The Perinan brothers are indicted for the murder of Pinhas Buhbot. •December 2005: Internal Security Minister Gideon Ezra and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni decide to establish an inquiry committee to investigate mishaps that occurred during the police investigation.