Abutbul's son faces indictment as move to stymie mob continues

Aviv Abutbul expected to be charged with illegal possession of a firearm.

charlie abutbul 224 88 (photo credit: Channel 10 [file])
charlie abutbul 224 88
(photo credit: Channel 10 [file])
Aviv Abutbul, son of alleged crime family head Charlie Abutbul, is expected to be indicted for illegal possession of a firearm at the Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court on Tuesday morning. Abutbul was arrested by the National Fraud Unit during a December 11 raid on his home. The raid uncovered an improvised gun that was loaded and equipped with a silencer. Abutbul's father, who was present when the officers pounced, was shot by two gunmen at a kiosk in a September attack that also wounded three civilians. Shortly after the attack, police launched Operation Brake Lights, which has been aimed at tackling mob activity in Netanya, the Abutbul crime family's turf. In recent months, as part of an economic war they're waging on Netanya mobsters, police have raided businesses alleged to have been used for laundering money or other criminal activities. They have also focused on casinos, prostitution rings and other activities traditionally run by organized crime, and have even targeted alleged criminals who illegally place tables and chairs on city sidewalks to relax. The police say they have zero tolerance, with no crime family being singled out above others.