After sexual assault case, Hebrew U draws up ethics code

Earlier this month, professor Ben-Ari was placed under house arrest for sexually assaulting 10 female doctoral students over the last decade.

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sexual harassment 88
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Reeling from a recent sexual molestation case, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem plans to introduce a code of ethics for relations between faculty and students, the university said Sunday. A draft version of the code drawn up by the Political Science Department is under deliberation and is expected to be approved, university spokeswoman Orit Sulitzeanu said. "To clarify what actions are forbidden under the definition of [sexual] harassment and to sharpen their significance, the university administration has decided... to clarify in an unequivocal manner what is allowed and what is forbidden in relations between teachers and students, the university's president, Prof. Menachem Magidor, and rector, Prof. Haim Rabinowitch, wrote in a letter to staff on August 12. The Political Science Department is expected to approve the ethics code by Tuesday, department head Prof. Avner de Shalit said. "We decided immediately after the recent case came to light that we need to have an ethics code and that we will not wait for the university to adopt such a measure," Shalit said. Earlier this month, Hebrew University Sociology and Anthropology professor Eyal Ben-Ari was placed under house arrest for allegedly sexually assaulting at least 10 female doctoral students over the last decade, police said.