Ami Ayalon confident in Israeli endurance

New Labor recruit Ami Ayalon expresses great confidence in Israel's ability to surpass a crisis situation in which Ariel Sharon suddenly ceases to function in his capacity as prime minister. "The State of Israel, we, the Israeli public, have already passed all tests of statehood and democracy. Sometimes we are simply not aware of how strong the Israeli democracy is, with how much it dealt, more than any other democracy, with all types of tests," he said in a Channel 1 interview. Knowing all the key figures in Israel's security services, the former Shin Bet chief insisted that the depth of the Israeli democracy is such that they would never get Israel involved in any adventure that the State would regret in the future. There is a lot of self-restraint in the security services. Ayalon turned the Israeli public, saying "We have nothing to fear. We are strong and we can pass this in a manner in which we could all be proud.