AMIT students to honor underrepresented fallen soldiers

Hundreds of pupils from the AMIT school network will be present in cemeteries nationwide on Remembrance Day, to hold memorial ceremonies for fallen soldiers whose relatives are no longer alive, and to help bereaved families complete 10-man quorums to enable the saying of kaddish with a minyan.
The students of the network’s AMIT Dvir Beit Shemesh school alsocleaned the headstones of IDF soldiers’ graves in the nearby Hartovcemetery ahead of Monday’s ceremonies.
The initiative begun lastyear, when students at Yeshivat AMIT Kfar Batya in Ra’anana spread outover the city’s cemeteries on Remembrance Day in search of unattendedgraves. The positive reactions led the AMIT network’s CEO Dr. AmnonEldar to expand the project to all of the AMIT schools across thecountry this year.
“It is a mitzva and honor to do something for those who gave their life for the country,” Eldar said.