Amos Gilad: Only answer to Schalit issue is whether he's here or not

The only real answer to the question of captured IDF soldier Gilad Schalit, according head of the Defense Ministry's Diplomatic-Security Bureau Maj.-Gen. (res) Amos Gilad, is "whether he's [in Israel] or not." Speaking to Channel 2 news, Gilad said that the issue of the cease-fire with Hamas, set to expire on Friday, was crucial to freeing the captured soldier. He also said that although the truce began on June 19 "it was agreed explicitly that there is no expiration date" in the agreement. He added, "In the end, the test is the calm and the benefit the residents have had for long months, even though it is relative calm." Gilad, who returned on Monday from talks in Cairo on the Gaza truce, expressed hope that Schalit would be returned "alive and well." AP contributed to this report.