Amram murder investigation continues

Police search for leads; Court issues gag order on new case developments.

inbal amram (photo credit: Channel 1)
inbal amram
(photo credit: Channel 1)
The family of Inbal Amram was at a loss to explain the murder of the 20-year-old recently discharged soldier, who was found stabbed in their car in a field north of Ramat Gan on Saturday. The Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court issued a gag order on Sunday forbidding the publication of details about the police investigation. Earlier, Police Lt.-Cmdr. Hagai Dotan told Army Radio that despite initial speculation, a criminal motive for Amram's murder appeared more likely than a nationalistic one. A police spokesman declined to confirm reports that detectives took Inbal's computer and date book in the hope of finding information that would lead to her killer. In an emotional interview, Amram's mother, Havatzelet, told Channel 1 news that she couldn't think of any reason for her daughter's death, adding that Inbal hadn't spoken about anybody threatening her. "She had nothing. She didn't have any debts, she never got involved in things like this," Havatzelet said. "Why did he [the killer] do this? He left everything, he didn't steal anything. For what? There was no logic," she said. Inbal had completed her army service just two months ago and was planning a trip to the US. "New York was her dream. She had been there once and she wanted to go back," Havatzelet said. Inbal disappeared late on Friday night after she left her Petah Tikva home to pick her younger sister up from a party. When Inbal failed to arrive at the party or return home, her parents repeatedly called her mobile telephone, but there was no answer. They grew worried and alerted the police. "My daughter didn't answer her phone. That wasn't normal for her," said Havatzelet. "We searched the whole of Petah Tikva. [We thought] maybe she had had an accident." Police in a helicopter located the Amram family car on Saturday morning and found Inbal in it. Magen David Adom personnel pronounced her dead at the scene.