Ashdod police seek those who vandalized yeshiva

Swastikas and Russian graffiti found scrawled on gate, classrooms of Lev Simha yeshiva.

The Ashdod Police launched an undercover investigation Monday to apprehend a group of youths believed to be behind the anti-Semitic defacing of an Ashdod yeshiva earlier this week. Swastikas and Russian graffiti were found scrawled on the gate of the Lev Simha yeshiva and in the classrooms by stunned staff on Sunday. As of yesterday the police had still not released the content of the graffiti. "In my many years here, I don't remember such a thing happening in Ashdod," a source from Ashdod Police's investigation branch told The Jerusalem Post. "This is a new phenomenon in Israel, and I can't say why it is happening," he said. "Because this is so severe, we are assigning a top priority team to the case. "We are looking for a group that wanders around a certain area. As soon as we find them we can go through intelligence collected by a special undercover team," the source said. In November, eight members of a Russian neo-Nazi gang in Petah Tikva were convicted and sentenced to a variety of prison terms, ranging from 15 months to seven-and-a-half years.