'Ashdod woman killed pregnant neighbor'

Mazal Bar-Osher indicted for stabbing Tali Atar following a row.

Ashdod resident Mazal Bar-Osher was charged Monday by the Beersheba District Court with murdering her neighbor Tali Atar, as well as Atar's unborn child.
Atar was eight months pregnant when Osher allegedly stabbed her to death after an argument over spilled coffee at the entrance of her Ashdod home.
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Atar died at hospital from her injuries, but the baby was delivered by Caesarean section, only to die a few days later.
The charge sheet stressed that Atar and Bar-Osher had argued about oil being smeared over the doors and mailboxes of their apartments.
On the day of the murder, the two women cursed each other while arguing over an accusation that Bar-Osher had thrown a garbage can at Atar's house.
The two women allegedly met at the building's entrance, where the murder suspect produced a knife and proceeded to stab Atar.
There had been no previous reports of violence between the two.
Paramedics described finding Atar lying in a pool of blood outside of the building and commencing immediate attempts to save her life.