Ayala Amar's wedding ends in racial brawl

Daughter of chief rabbi focus of another scandal; two Jewish guests arrested for attacking Arab waiters.

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ayala amar good 88
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The daughter of Israel's Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, who was at the center of an embarrassing family scandal that ended with her wayward brother being jailed, has married another man. Her brother, Meir, kidnapped and assaulted her previous suitor. The Wednesday night wedding of Ayala Amar, 19, and Barak Ben-Nissan, 24, at Jerusalem's Great Synagogue culminated with even more fireworks after a racially-motivated brawl broke out between Jewish guests and Arab waiters during the wedding dinner. The wedding, which was conducted by Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, and attended by an array of VIPs including President Moshe Katsav, ended with police being summoned to the scene. A Jewish participant broke a bottle on the head of an Arab waiter, reportedly without provocation. Another Arab waiter was beaten after banging his tray into the shoulder of a guest, setting off a melee, Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said. After police separated the two sides, two of the Jewish guests were arrested on the scene. They were remanded in custody on Thursday for one day by the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court. Police said that they planned to charge them with assault. An Arab waiter lightly injured in the late-night brawl refused to receive medical treatment. Rabbi Amar's daughter was previously in the headlines last year when her 31-year-old brother Meir kidnapped and beat his sister's previous suitor whom she met through an Internet chat room. Encouraged by his mother, Meir hatched a plot to break up what they considered an unbecoming relationship. Luring Ayala into a car one night, he forced her to entice her suitor into the vehicle. Meir Amar then drove to the apartment where his accomplices lived, locked Ayala in the car and hustled her suitor into the house. Held at knifepoint, the youth was beaten, kicked, slapped in the face, and interrogated about his ties with Ayala, before being tied up with a belt. His assailants also cut off his sidelocks, a terrible humiliation in the haredi world, and told him he would not leave the apartment alive. The assault continued at the rabbi's Jerusalem house. Earlier this month, Meir Amar was sentenced to two years and eight months after pleading guilty to the abduction and assault of his younger sister's 17-year-old boyfriend. The rabbi's wife, Mazal, admitted she distorted a report on an attack on the minor, but was not convicted in the affair.