Ayalon: Free prisoners who won't return to terror

Israel must consider releasing Palestinian prisoners, MK Ami Ayalon [Labor] told Israel Radio on Wednesday morning. "We must look at which prisoners will return to participate in terrorist attacks, the majority won't return to terrorist activities," said the Knesset member, saying that those who will not return to terror should be released. "Not all of them will return [to terror], but Israel must not release those prisoners who have blood on their hands that will defiantly go back to commit terror attacks. Ayalon warned against a large-scale incursion in to the Gaza Strip, saying that "taking over the Gaza Strip again will not be effective. We left twice already; there is no reason to return." Regarding Syria, Ayalon insisted that Israel must take up President Bashar Assad's recent negotiation proposals. "We cannot disconnect the Syrian issue from the Middle East. It is incomprehensible that an Arab leader [Assad] wishes to negotiate with Israel and we refuse to talk to him."