B-S rabbi arrested for sexual assault

Allegedly told teenage girls that he was going to cleanse them of impurities.

haredi man book 88 (photo credit: )
haredi man book 88
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A 60-year-old Beersheba rabbi was arrested Friday under suspicion that he sexually assaulted two 17-year-old girls whom he employed to clean his house. The suspect, a head of a kollel and the rabbi of a public body, allegedly met the two girls when they were employed at a synagogue, and offered them employment cleaning his house, Israel Radio reported. According to the charges, a little over a week ago, the rabbi told the girls that he was going to cleanse them of impurity and evil spirits. He then stripped them and then carried out indecent acts. In addition, he allegedly raped and sodomized one of the two girls. Neither of them complained to authorities of the incident, but the allegations were made to the police by an anonymous third party. When questioned by the police, the rabbi admitted to some of the charges. According to Israel Radio, the same rabbi was suspected of similar attacks in the past.
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