Barakei: Gov't responsible for 'fascistic unruliness' in Jebl Mukaber

Hadash Chairman MK Muhammad Barakei on Monday demanded that the government and the security forces "do their job" and restrain what he termed "the fascistic and criminal unruliness" of right-wing activists in the neighborhood of Jebl Mukaber in east Jerusalem on Sunday. "The sights that we were witness to yesterday are a dangerous escalation in the activities of the extreme right, who were aided, both covertly and overtly, by the police and security forces," Barakei said. "The pogroms perpetrated by fascistic groups are not only the result of the unruliness of the fascistic right but also the rotten fruit of the government's policy, which nurtures these groups and sabotages any progress towards peace and calm," he said, adding that "the government bears full responsibility for the reckless pogromistic unruliness of the assorted Kahanists."