Beilin: PM's own legal woes led to Friedman appt.

Former justice minister Yossi Beilin (Meretz) accused Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of appointing a reformist justice minister because of his own problems with the law. "A prime minister under criminal investigation gave the Israeli legal system the finger," Beilin said bluntly. "Friedman has managed to fire in every direction at the legal system. If he implements his outlook, it will blow up the system, or he will give up his views and act like the lowest politician who has abdicated his principles." National Religious Party leader Zevulun Orlev said he hoped Friedman would support the formation of a constitutional court as he guaranteed in the past. He said that such a court would remove power from the Supreme Court, which he said represented only a small sector of Israelis and interfered with the Knesset's legislation.