Beirut doctor consults Haifa surgeon

As the Hizbullah-Israel war continued, a doctor in a Beirut hospital e-mailed a senior cardiothoracic surgeon at Haifa's Rambam Medical Center on Monday for information about a surgical treatment the Israeli has pioneered. Dr. Avraham Lorber told The Jerusalem Post he received an e-mail message early in the morning from a Beirut physician he declined to name so the Lebanese doctor would not get into trouble. The Beirut doctor had just read an abstract of an article Lorber published with several Rambam colleagues in the latest issue of the Journal of the European Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery. The article dealt with minimally invasive removal of a cancerous lung, the first case of its kind in the world. "As he had only the abstract, he asked for more information," said Lorber, who sent him the entire article. The Beirut doctor did not mention Israel's counterattack on Lebanon in the wake of the Hizbullah missile attack and kidnapping of soldiers, and Lorber did not discuss politics either. "When cannons roar, medical muses must continue to operate," said the cardiothoracic surgeon at Rambam, which is treating many of the wounded in Hizbullah missile attacks on Haifa. "We have to disconnect somehow from the situation, even though it is not easy, as we both see suffering populations."