Bill proposes discount if traffic fines paid early

MK Kahlon bases legislation on existing law in England that has drastically reduced number of unpaid parking tickets.

cars traffic 224.88 (photo credit: AP)
cars traffic 224.88
(photo credit: AP)
If a person pays a traffic ticket within the first 14 days of receiving it, they need only pay half the fine, according to a new bill proposed this week by MK Moshe Kahlon (Likud). Kahlon based the legislation on an existing law in England that has drastically reduced the number of unpaid parking and moving violation tickets there, said the MK's spokeswoman. The bill is expected to come up for a preliminary reading in the next few weeks, after which Kahlon will seek the government's support to pass it. "We are speaking here of a bill that has proven itself in England and which will provide incentive for people to pay their tickets immediately and without fanfare," said Kahlon, who added that municipalities had to dedicate precious resources to the growing number of people appealing their tickets. The law is intended to help local municipalities, which suffer when fines go unpaid for years, said Kahlon's spokeswoman. "We hope to speed up the process by giving people encouragement," she said. Kahlon has proposed a number of bills to boost municipal authorities, including a draft bill earlier this month that would allocate NIS 280 to the Jerusalem Municipality department dealing with citizens' welfare.