Bloody Sunday on Israel's roads

8 killed and 23 injured in a series of accidents across Israel, including a woman in her 70s.

accident 224.88 (photo credit: Channel 2)
accident 224.88
(photo credit: Channel 2)
A wave of fatal car crashes across Israel has claimed eight lives and injured 23.
In the latest accidents, two youths and a woman in her seventies were killed in a collision between two vehicles near the Bari junction, in the western Negev on Sunday afternoon.
And almost simultaneously, a 57-year-old truck driver was killed in Petah Tikva. The man was a retired police officer who had left the force three years ago.
The accident occurred after the driver had inadvertently left his truck running, and left the vehicle. When he noticed his truck starting to move, he ran after it, attempting to jump into the driver's seat. During the run towards his truck, the man was caught between it and another truck that was parked next to his.
Earlier Sunday, a 40-year-old man was killed when he was hit by a train while attempting to walk across the tracks at the Ganot interchange, before Tel Aviv's Haganah station. The train was en route from Nahariya to Beersheba. The circumstances behind the incident were being investigated by the Israel Police's Department of Transportation.
Also on Sunday morning, a motorcyclist, 24, was moderately injured when he crashed into a security barrier on Route 55, near Karnei Shomron. The man was evacuated to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikvah.
In yet another Sunday collision, eight people were injured - including one seriously - in a crash between a truck and an agricultural vehicle on Route 90.
One of the other casualties was listed in moderate condition and six were lightly hurt.
Meanwhile, a crash on Route 66, near the Megiddo junction, left one man dead.
The crash involved three vehicles, a minibus and two cars. 14 people were injured -  3 moderately and 11 lightly - in the incident near Midrach Oz, in the Jezreel Valley.
Near Ashkelon, a 20-year-old pedestrian was seriously injured when a vehicle hit her at the Kastina junction. The woman was evacuated to Kaplan Hospital.
The rash of roadside accidents began when a Haifa resident was killed by a car while running across a street near the city's Dolphin junction early Sunday morning.
According to police, the 33-year-old man was not crossing at a designated pedestrian crossing.