Boeing, Elbit win $69m. USAF helmet contract

Boeing Co., together with Vision Systems International LLC (VSI) - a US-based subsidiary of Israel's Elbit Systems - has won a $69 million contract to supply the US Air Force with an advanced helmet tracking and targeting system. The JHMCS is a multi-role system that enhances pilot situational awareness and provides head-out control of aircraft targeting systems and sensors. The JHMCS has a magnetic helmet-mounted tracker that follows the movements of the pilot's head, combined with a miniature display system that projects information onto the pilot's visor. The head tracker and visor display act as a targeting device that can aim sensors and weapons wherever the pilot is looking. The system is already operational and has been praised by fighter pilots who used it while flying missions in Iraq. Boeing and VSI have supplied the USAF and other international costumers with over 2,500 JHMCS systems. In addition to the JHMCS, Elbit System's VSI has also developed a special heads-up display helmet system for the Joint Strike Fighter - also known as the F-35 - under development by Lockheed Martin. Last month, test pilots flew the F-35 while using the helmet.