Complaints by nat'l service police personnel down

The number of complaints filed by people serving their compulsory national service in the police force has declined drastically since three years ago, according to a lengthy report submitted to the Knesset Interior Committee by the Israel Police and Israel Prisons Service personnel ombudsman, covering the period between 2004 and 2006. Whereas in 2004, a full 23% of complaints were submitted by compulsory service personnel, the percentage dropped to mere 6% by 2006. The majority of complaints in both the IPS and the police were about salary and payments, with an annual average of 27.5% of complaints on the subject. The second most common category of complaints was commander-subordinate relationships. The delicate nature of that field was evident in the fact that according to the report, 85% of those issuing complaints were not officers. The report did note, however, that the subjects of these complaints included lieutenants and assistant-commanders. One complaint was even submitted against the police commissioner, but the complaint referred to a period before he became commissioner, when he held rank of commander.