Dan Margalit on Topaz case: It's time to get rid of right to remain silent

Veteran journalist Dan Margalit, father of Shira Margalit, the deputy director-general of the Reshet television network who was assaulted in an attack allegedly ordered by television entertainer Dudu Topaz, called for withdrawing the right to remain silent in an interview with Army Radio on Monday morning. "It's time to start protecting the victims, not the attackers," he said. Concerning reports that surfaced Monday that Topaz had intended to harm Amos Regev, editor-in-chief of free daily Hebrew newspaper Israel Hayom, a publication Margalit writes for, he said he had prior knowledge of the allegations, but would not go into details. "The motive appears to have been disappointment at rejection," said Margalit. Margalit said the allegations pointed to a pattern of threatening behavior, adding that the entertainer apparently sought to convey the message that "whoever disappoints Mr. Topaz, Mr. Topaz will smash his face in."