Dekel Prison warden prevents escape

The Palestinian man, caught working illegally in Israel, was close to parole.

The quick response of a warden at the Dekel Prison on Tuesday prevented a prisoner from escaping. The warden noticed the prisoner wandering freely in Park HaLochem, an area - while within the detention compound - that is off-limits to prisoners. His garbled answers in response to the warden's questions aroused her suspicions, and she took charge of the prisoner and handed him over to the shift commander at the nearby Eshel Prison. An initial investigation revealed that the prisoner had been convicted of both working illegally in Israel and stealing a car. He was sentenced to ten months in prison and due for parole in a month. Apparently, the prisoner had jumped over a fence while spending a few of his morning hours in the open wing of the Dekel Prison. However, the prison compound, which comprises three separate facilities, is surrounded by a number of security perimeters, none of which the would-be escapee breached.